The Best and Most Reliable Dryer Vent Cleaning Guide 101

Dirty dryer ducts must be cleaned because they’re fire hazards.

It’s like the case of carpet cleaning, how dirty or soiled carpets can serve as a source of sickness in the family, a dirty duct can also be quite risky or fatal to have around. Dryer vent cleaning is needed because dryer ducts can get quite disgusting as well, ruining the air quality of your home as much as a moldy carpet full of mold spores would. Did you know that lint-filled dryer ductwork is one major cause of house fires? Protect your house from going up in smoke by hiring a cleaner to clean your dryer vent. They’ll be the ones to give that grimy dryer duct a nice scrubbing.

It’s Not a Waste of Time, Energy, and Money

  • It’s Worthwhile and Practical: Cleaning your grime-filled ducts isn’t a waste of your money, energy, and time at all, even if it doesn’t do immediate damage to your home because not enough lint has accumulated into it. It should be cleaned and maintained as often as you’d get a tune-up or oil change for your car or more often than the election cycle. It’s all for your safety’s sake.


  • A Dryer with a Lint-Filled Duct: If the duct that your dryer is connected to is filled with debris such as lint, then your dryer won’t work properly. You need a pro to get that duct looked at and serviced because clogged ductwork is usually the reason why your dryer isn’t working even though it’s not faulty otherwise. If your dryer requires 2-3 cycles to dry clothes when 1 cycle used to suffice, you should check your vents.


  • The Pros Know How to Handle It: Instead of checking an online guide on how to clean your vent and ducts for use by your dryer and to improve the air quality of your home all-in-all, have someone do it for you. Many of these guides are incomplete and erroneous, such that there’s a risk for you to do more harm than good to your vents and ducts. The professionals at least do this for a living and have come across ducts of all shapes and sizes as well as conditions.