Air ducts are used to distribute air into different rooms. It provides a very important function inside the home by supplying, returning, and exhausting air. This works by circulating the air in a system of heating and cooling which typically contributes to the comfort in the home.

Due to the constant circular process of circulating air over and over again, it easily collects dust and other debris. Letting such materials build-up here can damage the efficiency of the machine and possibly circulate dirt and bacteria in the air too.

These are the reasons why you should keep your air ducts cleaned:

– It promotes comfort at home
– Removes bad odor
– Positive airflow efficiency
– Extend Air duct life expectancy
– Gives you a cleaner environment – since dust and dirt can also be distributed in the room along with the warm air
– Prevents allergens and irritants from circulating over and over.
– Easy breathing
– Prevents serious health issues from occurring.

Without proper maintenance, mold and mildew might grow because of the moisture and can make people sick by the musty and unpleasant smell. Mold is considered carcinogenic which means it can cause a deadly disease called cancer. Also, there is something we call “sick building syndrome” which is caused by dirty air ducts and can lead to severe respiratory diseases.

Since they are passageways that transport heated and cooled air, they must be cleaned constantly every three to five years. Cleaning the air ducts thoroughly decreases the quantity of interior cleaning and dusting required to keep a clean home since the air that circulates through your ducts is the same air that totally fills your living space. Hiring a professional company that can provide good services like carpet cleaning Irvine would be a wise idea. It is recommended to get your ducts inspected and cleaned.