Mankind has come a long way.

Technology made life easier. Cooking, talking with family, commuting, entertainment, and- yes- cleaning have been a treat for the past few years with the continuous improvement brought about by modern gadgets.

Even carpet cleaning has been easy and safer since the development of a variety of methods.

There is a rising popularity in dry carpet cleaning, causing some people to forget other ways to clean the carpet.

Here are four commercial methods outside dry cleaning that can be available in your area. They diversify carpet cleaning laguna woods.

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Carpet Shampooing

Although this is older than the others, it was popular in the 1970s. The method uses carpet shampoo that is applied on the surface of heavily soiled carpet. The only downside of this method is that there is no rinsing process after the application. You can end up with a sticky rug.

Bonnet Cleaning

This type of cleaning is only surface-concentrated.

The cleaner uses a device with a rotating pad to apply the detergent to the carpet. This rotating pad would brush and push the dirt off the rug. The muck would constitute the surface level only. There is a chance that any dirt accumulated deep in the carpet can be pushed further in.


Encapsulation involves the use of a foam substance that dries and crystallizes. The crystallized substance encapsulates the dirt and grime from the carpet.

The particles are brushed off then collected by a vacuum. Like shampooing, there is a chance that this process cannot extract deep-seated dirt.

Hot Water Extraction/Steam Carpet Cleaning

This method uses hot water to clean the carpet. The fibers of the rug are agitated after the application of the cleaning agent on the area.

Hot water extraction involves rinsing and drying, so most companies schedule the cleaning for a considerable time.