Did you know that dryer vents are the worst enemies of your home? They collect all sorts of dirt and debris and spread all sorts of germs and bacteria that may harm you and your family. In addition, they also emit a huge amount of heat and smoke, which causes indoor air quality to deteriorate.

The best solution for all these problems is Attic cleaning and insulation. Several reasons may make your dryer vent clogged, so you must be careful when choosing a cleaning company.

First and foremost, choose a cleaning company that is licensed and insured. The company should also provide you with an estimate and ask for your permission before starting the job.


Check the company’s credentials.

When you are hiring a cleaning company, make sure that it is licensed and insured. Ask them for proof of insurance. Check the background of the company and ensure that it is properly licensed.


Ask for a written estimate.

Make sure that the company has a written estimate of the job. Ask for a breakdown of the charges and a schedule.


Ask for references

You can also check the company’s online reviews and call their previous clients.


Ask for the cost of the service.

The cleaning company should also give you a written estimate. Ask them about the cost of the service and what services they will include in the estimate.


Get a written contract.

Once you are done with the entire process, ensure you get a copy of the contract you have signed.


Check the work done

Before leaving the house, you must make sure that the job is done correctly and that no damage has been caused to your house.


So, these are the most important tips you must follow before hiring a dryer vent cleaning company. These tips will help you to avoid the unnecessary and dangerous consequences of a dirty dryer vent.