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What are air ducts? How does it work? These are two of the questions that usually arise when the term “air duct” is mentioned.

The air duct is a system that literally cleans the air in a house or establishment. This ensures that the air is clean from dust particles and other materials found floating in the surrounding. In order for this to be possible, the air ducts must be kept clean all the time. Dr duct cleaning helps everyone with this thru their cleaning services.

The materials that are commonly used in the air ducts are usually made from galvanized steel that are covered with zinc that prevents it from acquiring rust and does not require frequent painting. These are usually covered with fiberglass materials. Other materials used for air ducts are aluminum and fiberglass Visit this Website :- drductcleaningoc.

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How does it Work

If you have noticed, house usually has air vents. Through these vents, an HVAC machine suctions the air to cool it down or to heat it up, whichever way it is set. The air duct system is used to keep your house cool during summer and keep it warm during the winter season. Without a properly working air duct system, controlling the air inside the house will be a difficult thing to do. This is the very reason why the air duct system should always be kept clean. If a clog would happen, the chances of having a malfunction HVAC system is likely to happen which in turn will be more costly to be replaced rather than having the system cleaned once in a while or as often as it is needed. The frequency of the cleaning schedule is always dependent on your location. So you better consult with the air duct cleaners as to the frequency of your cleaning schedule.

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