Some people think that by just using a detergent powder can automatically clean in a perfect way the carpets. Carpet owners must be aware of the fact that simple way of cleaning is already enough because there exist such cleaning methods best for the carpets. These methods are depending on the quality and condition of the carpet.

• Hot water extraction
• Deep steam cleaning
• Chemdry

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Hot water extraction as a cleaning method

Hot water extraction is commonly used in most carpet cleaning because it is very effecting when it comes to carpets being deeply stained and embedded with lots of dirt and dusts. This kind of method is done by applying of cleaning agent mixed with hot water on the carpet. The vacuum will suck the dirt and dusts up that will result in the best result of the carpet.

This method is popular in same day carpet cleaning dana point because it is very environmentally friendly as it does not use any chemical cleaning product. Thus, you will not have to worry about your health, most especially to those who are allergic, because the carpet will end up being safe.

Deep steam cleaning as a cleaning method

In deep steam cleaning, they use chemical cleaning agent mixed with hot water. Afterwards, they use wet vacuum for the extraction of the dirty water produced by the initial cleaning. The only difference of this method to hot extraction is that the cleaning product used has chemicals. This is much more effective in removing dirt and greases.

Chemdry as a cleaning method

The chemdry method uses chemical solutions to apply on the carpet. A rotating brush is also used to clean the carpet properly. There is also the option of using carbonation that uses heated moisture with lots of bubbles in order to clean the carpet. What this can do is to break or set apart all the dirt to be found. Using this kind of method is fast when drying because it uses only a little amount of water.